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 A limited edition series of silk-screen paintings

Playful, chic, glamorous and young. 

A project inspiring both watch collectors and pop-art enthusiasts alike. 

Omer Majiauk combines the world of high-end watch making with his love for vibrant pop-art.

The 2023 series includes 6 large scale, hand pulled silkscreen paintings, available to purchase as limited editions. Carefully pulling reference from the 1920s Art Deco era whilst combining a fresh color pallet reminiscent of the unmistakable pop art icon Andy Warhol. 

Vibrant hues of pink, blue and yellow take up multiple, daring 6ft canvas’, revealing a graphic Jaeger-Lecoultre vintage timepiece from 1931. The model, born in 1931, is today the symbol of retro elegance, but it was, in its time, the standard bearer of the avant-garde, embody the contrast between the young and the old. 

Created at this studio in the South of France, the 2023 works feel both fresh and timeless. Satisfying both watch collectors and art lovers this limited series perfectly unites the two passions. 

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