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Omer Majiauk (born 7 October 1992) is a British artist best known for his large silkscreen paintings.


Majiauk's artistic endeavours include painting, photography and screen printing.


Best known for his large scale silk screen paintings of wordly subjects, Majiauk paints society in which he sees it; idealised.


Vivid imagery is created through the use of primary colours and naive brushwork. Favouring creation over rules, a combination of unrestrained words, forms and figurations explode. Historical information and iconography is mixed with contemporary critique. The resulting works appear expressive, primitive and powerful.


Omer Majiauk has also made significant contributions to the fields of horlogèrie and jewelry in France. His unique artistic direction and creative vision have led him to collaborate with prestigious brands in these sectors. 


Majiauk's vast experience within the horlogerie and bijouterie industry has allowed him to infuse his artistic sensibilities into these new, personal domains. His ability to blend contemporary art with the intricacies of high watchmaking has already garnered acclaim from connoisseurs. 


Furthermore, his extensive travels have played a pivotal role in shaping his artistic perspective. Majiauk's journeys around the world have provided him with a diverse range of influences and inspirations. These experiences have enriched his work, allowing him to seamlessly integrate global themes and cultural nuances into his creations.


Majiauk continues to divide his time between Paris and the South of France. 

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